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The future looks promising for the South Australian resources sector

The South Australian resources sector is eagerly anticipating the approval of approximately 40 projects in the advanced development stage.  Over the next 16 years, 40 advanced minerals projects are anticipated to be granted approval. More than 36,366 new jobs will be created in both the construction and production phases, this will more than double current mining employment in South Australia between 2014 and 2030.

The top occupations that will be required include:


  • Carpenters
  • Concreters

There is a need to ensure that appropriately skilled and job-ready people are in sufficient supply to meet the projected demands now and until 2030. It is imperative to understand that future workforce demand for the South Australian resources sector will come from these projects. The type of training and skills required to meet the workforce needs of these projects may change over the years. As mining technology advances and new processes are created, future skill and workforce requirements for these sites will be shaped.

Advanced mining projects such as Carrapateena, Central Eyre Iron Project, Hillside, Razorback and Arrium’s expansion on the Eyre Peninsula will require many skilled, technical, trade and professional employees in the near future.  Check out where these projects are located in South Australia here.

This is great news for regional cities such as Port Lincoln, Whyalla, Port Augusta and Broken Hill (in NSW), as companies prefer to source local employees to fill the skills demand once these mines are in construction and production. Whyalla is working hard to position itself as “South Australia’s Mining Services Hub”, a key centre for the processing and export of mineral resources, as a service centre for supporting industries and for training and skilling the future workforce of the region.

The future skills needs for the 40 advanced minerals projects in South Australia is explored in depth through RESA’s newly released  “South Australian Future Mining Workforce Report 2014 – 2030”. This report contains results showing year by year employment growth in five categories: semi-skilled, skilled operator, trade and technical, professional and administrative support. This full colour, comprehensive 46 page report is a first ever release and contains information vital for anyone in a planning or research role. Click here to purchase this report.

Author: Andrea McCarthy Project Manager, RESA