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You’ve heard all about the big salaries, the long hours, the opportunities and the challenges in mining. You might be thinking of starting from scratch or making the switch.

Welcome to Hot Rubble, a one-stop website produced by RESA (Resources and Engineering Skills Alliance) which will answer all of your questions about a career in the expanding minerals, oil or gas sectors in South Australia. For school leavers and the unemployed Hot Rubble will guide you to your post-school training and education options and provide advice on how to make yourself more employable. For tradespeople and professionals who want a career change, Hot Rubble gives you detailed information about the range of jobs, salaries, locations and lifestyle.  And if you’re already a miner, Hot Rubble can give you a whole range of options on how to fast track your career.

Where can a mining career take you?

A career in mining can take you anywhere, if you have the right skills, qualifications or work history.

This website will give you an insider’s look at getting your break in the mining industry…. from the qualifications/skills/experience you might need to get where you want to be, to what it’s actually like to work at a mine site.

What is the mining industry?

When people talk about the ‘mining industry’ they’re usually referring to the Mining, Oil and Gas, Energy and Resources industries and their associated supply chains.

It’s Australia’s fastest growing workforce.

For the purposes of this site, we’ll use the word ‘mining’ to refer to the entire sector.

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