Work Experience Placment

In conjunction with University of Adelaide, the AusIMM, RESA and SACOME are collaborating to assist students find work experience opportunities. This page is focused on matching mining engineering students to work experience placement opportunities that fulfil the University’s requirements to graduate. Students will find a list of possible work placements from a range of companies; […]

AusIMM Adelaide University Student Chapter- Student Meets Industry Night

RESA took part in AusIMM’s Adelaide University Student Chapter Student Meets Industry Night on March 23. The evening function was a great opportunity to share RESA’s part in industry with students and build connections with those moving into the industry.Was great to see several students sign up to the Hot Rubble mailing list and social […]

Is another mining skills shortage on the way?

A skills shortage is emerging in the Australian mining industry, according to recruitment company, Hays. In its latest quarterly update, Hays reported that renewed optimism in the Australian mining market and improved sales prices were helping increase vacancy activity. However, Hays added that certain skills shortages are emerging again, “since mass redundancies and the uncertainty of previous […]

Mining jobs increase across Australia on the back of surging commodity prices

As activity and commodity prices across the resources sector ramp up, so too have job vacancies across Australia. According to online jobs site Seek, there were 70 per cent more vacancies in the sector for the month of May alone, compared to 2016. Mining job demand by state South Australia Rubber liners Belt splicersSource: Hays […]

Rise of the machines: What jobs will survive as robots move into the workplace?

The invasion of robots into factories and offices has long been seen as final blow for workforces ravaged by cheap offshore labour and the never ending quest to cut costs. PHOTO: Smart Steel Solutions CEO Chris Brugeaud says robotics has boosted productivity and employment at his Brisbane factory. (Supplied: Smart Steel Solutions) However, that is a view […]

Journey of a Jobseeker – Monthly Update

As many people would know, it can be extremely difficult getting a job interview, let alone an offer. As a third year university student studying human resources, I knew it was about time to start getting some work experience behind me. I began applying for some general office administration work as I figured it would […]

The future looks promising for the South Australian resources sector

The South Australian resources sector is eagerly anticipating the approval of approximately 40 projects in the advanced development stage.  Over the next 16 years, 40 advanced minerals projects are anticipated to be granted approval. More than 36,366 new jobs will be created in both the construction and production phases, this will more than double current […]

Find your own path

Careers and the journey to that “ultimate job” are not as clear cut as they used to be.  Our parents and grandparents are a part of a generation that was able to remain with an employer for their entire working careers.  This is not usually the case anymore, for many reasons.  Some of them should […]