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Move to Mining

Are you looking to move from your current career into a different mining career?  Or perhaps your current career provides you with “similar” skills that the mining sector could utilise?  So now, how do you make that step into mining?

Despite what you might think, your current work history does make you an attractive option to employ within the mining sector.  Do you have:

  • A full work history?
  • Commitment to doing your best and achieving company goals?
  • Do you work well with other people?
  • A willingness to continue learning?
  • Do you volunteer for your community (ie sport coaching, CFS, St Johns Ambulance)?
  • Are you prepared to undertake a full medical and fitness test?

Then you are already on your way to what makes up a great fit for the mining sector.  What you need to think about is “What career would I like” within the sector?  To have a look at the myriad of options, click here.  Then, you’ll need to think about what training you can do to make you more qualified for that role.  General training requirements are within the Careers section.