Where are the job vacancies in the South Australian Resources sector?

We’ve been keeping track of what jobs the South Australian Mining & Resources sector are advertising now. The good news is that the sector is definitely employing people and with some extra training and perhaps experience in a like minded industry (such as construction, agriculture & fishing), you’ll be heading in the right direction for a career in the South Australian Resources sector.

If you’ve headed down the university path, there are many openings in the Engineering field, in particular Mining Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering. The Geo-sciences have also been in high demand, with Geologists and Geophysicists being sought after.

The trades haven’t missed out this month either, as vacancies in Auto Electricians and Instrumentation have been outliers in need as well.

Seek March 2013

What is highlighted by what jobs are out in the market place at the moment, is that continued learning and training will help you move into the Mining/Resources sector far quicker than having no qualifications. To find out what training you might need for your chosen career, check out our “Careers” section which you will find here. If you are looking for training in your area now, the South Australian government is supporting locals in training through their Skills For All program. You can find out more about it here

Welcome to Hot Rubble!

Hot Rubble is about mining and energy careers in South Australia; the site is owned and operated by the industry and it’s the first website that covers careers in the resources sector, particularly for South Australian operations.  It will also give you insights into the training and experience you need to make you competitive for the job you want, be it Haul Truck driver or Geologist.  Hot Rubble will help you to understand the pathway to a range of jobs. In short, the site will address your question “How do I get a job in the growing mining and energy sector in South Australia?”

Because the sector is continuing to grow in South Australia, the start of 2013 has seen a high demand for Engineers (all descriptions) and qualified trades people.

While the demand for these roles is high, so is competition for these positions.  As the economy transitions through a challenging time, and some sectors decline, the Resources Sector is growing strongly , the number of new operations is increasing and together Mining and Energy now make up more than  50% of South Australian goods exported.  As a result there are more and more people looking to switch to the mining sector.  In order to be successful in your applications, you will need to have a good understanding of the sector and its operations so you are applying for the role which is the right fit you.  Of course, you will need to meet rigorous selection criteria and fit the company culture.  To help here are some tips on these “preferences”:

  • Consistent work history (few gaps in employment and not changing jobs too frequently)
  • Proven ability to work well with others
  • A safe work history
  • A desire to learn (ongoing training throughout the candidates working life)
  • Experience in “like-minded industries” (such as construction, agriculture, fishing or forestry)
  • Involvement in community and charity programs in personal time

Some of these preferences may sound unusual for a mining company, but they say a lot about a candidate’s ability to fit in with a large and diverse working team. And some sites are remote and have Fly-in Fly-out operations which have unique set of challenges.  Currently employers have a large pool of potential entry-level candidates to select from and they want to find the best match for their company, as the cost of recruitment and turn-over of staff is quite high.

RESA research shows the following roles have been in the highest demand in January and February this year:

  • Crushing Plant Loader OperatorsDrill Fitters
  • Geotechnical Engineers
  • Mining Engineers
  • Senior Mine Engineers
  • Senior Mine Planning Engineers
  • OH&S Advisors
  • Technical Services Superintendents
  • Diesel Fitters
  • Electrician
  • Auto Electrician
  • Mine Managers

All of these roles require a level of training and/or experience to be successful in a job application within the resources sector.  Hotrubble.com.au has been specifically designed to give you the information you need to understand the pathway to transition into mining and resources in South Australia, so jump into the site, find your career and your training and join us in one of South Australia’s most exciting sectors.

Phil de Courcey, CEO
Resources Engineering Skills Alliance

Hot Rubble goes live

The Hot Rubble website was launched to industry today at the RESA 2012 end of year Showcase event. More than 100 South Australian mining industry identities attended the event in Adelaide’s CBD.