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Boilermaker / Welder

A boilermaker usually works with heavy gauge metals to cut, shape and assemble using a variety of fabrication techniques. Boilermakers may also be required to perform instrumentation fitting, assembling and welding of metals products. Welders use a variety of welding techniques to permanently join metal products such as frames and structures, plate and sheets pipes and vessels.

Job Tasks:

  • Mark off, cut, shape and assemble metal products.
  • Produce ferrous and non-ferrous metal fabricated products such as structures, plate assemblies, frames, pipe-work and vessels using tools, welding and thermal cutting equipment and fabrication techniques.
  • Use a wide range of hand and hand held power tools and workshop machines such as drills, grinders, clamps, benders and lifting equipment.
  • Read and interpret schematical and engineering drawings.
  • Fit sub-assemblies and assemblies together in preparation for welding.
  • Weld using a variety of welding processes including electric, gas, laser, ultrasound, shielded metal arc and flux core plasma arc welding.