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Miners are valued members who usually work in teams on mine sites alongside fellow miners, engineers and geologists. Miners are tasked with a variety of jobs that efficiently and securely excavate and transport minerals from the mine to the mineral processing plant. The work involved in being a miner often includes heavy manual labour and dangerous activities.

Job Tasks:

  • Travel down vertical shafts or sloping declines to reach the work face.
  • Dig trenches to facilitate blasting by operating cutting machine or using hand tools such as picks.
  • Open up new passageways, shafts, drives, air vents, rises and crib rooms.
  • Building timber or steel frames, pillars or arches on the roofs of underground mines to support the rock and mineral voids.
  • Load minerals, earth and rock into mine earthmoving vehicles, carts, trains or conveyors for transport to the mine surface or the port.