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Work experience information for companies

Undergraduate work placement program

Students are required to undertake a minimum of 12 weeks approved practical experience outside of normal class time in Australia or overseas. The practical experience component may be a combination of engineering and general practical experience, but must consist of at least six weeks of industry experience under the supervision of a qualified engineer.

Once practical experience is undertaken and the academic requirements of the degree are met, students are considered to have completed the requirements of their engineering program. Undertaking a period of practical experience means that not only do students graduate with on-the-job experience, they also qualify for professional membership of Engineers Australia, the national engineering accreditation body.

Examples of student work placement projects•

  • Drill and Blast Design
  • Ventilation Modelling
  • Open Pit Design and Optimisation
  • Cost Modelling
  • Operational Metrics Analysis
  • Assessment of Strategic Plans

Company benefits

  • students can bring current knowledge and best practice to your company
  • potential for using unpaid experience period as training for new staff
  • potential to conduct projects that resources were not available for

Company work placement listing template

Please fill in this template for you work experience listing. Other/ existing formats can be used if they include the same required information.

Unpaid work and Fair Work laws

Under Australian workplace laws, there can be a question about the legitimacy of unpaid work arrangements.

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